AAG. Walking the talk.

AAG is a full solution stack for startups, companies, institutions and governments. Our super heroes empower your teams and help build amazing products and campaigns.

Clients & Partners

We support Meta in building digital literacy skills for thousands of young adults in Africa. We create creative campaigns to entertain millions of television fans with Talpa. We help transform the lives of vulnerable communities with Undp in hostile regions. We map new routes in your cities so that every ride with Yandex is an enjoyable experience. We imagine awesome customer experiences to bring lights and lives into your days and nights with CIE.

We help fight cybercrime, implement national campaigns and build technology products for Governments. Some projects are kept secret. You always have the power to turn on the invisibility card ☺

Companies & Ventures

We build awesome residences with comfort and greenery at Grayhouse Group. We develop skills and lifechanging habits at Releaarn inc. We imagine intelligent digital experiences and tasty brand campaigns at Drnk. Our Venture Lab builds startups that have the power to change your world. And we often invest in futuristic entrepreneurs that nobody currently understands. Every project is a journey made of love, with love.

Team and Culture

We love roasted coffee, tea and every kid-friendly delicious drink that our chef reivents daily. Our days are made of fun, sport, laughs, stories and adventures that bring the world to our doors. We are team YPC (Young, passionnate and crazy).

We value hard work, tolerance and respect, humility. We help each others and support our journeys to a positive and memorable life to live. Our passions are part of the job. We love art and culture. Curiosity is key to keeping the torch burning.

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